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onsdag 9 oktober 2019

Chernobyl Walk - Photos and Videos

Enter Chernobyl (Чернобиль) 

    "Soviet visuals" still alive 

Memorial for the villages and towns 

"Duga" radar system 

"Radioactive humour" 

Image may contain: outdoor

"Creepy kindergarten" 

Pripyat river 

Backside of the "Café Pripyat" - Soda machines 

    Pripyat center 

Shopping market 

"Pripyat Eye" 

onsdag 18 september 2019

Military history in Kyiv

For more information, please follow this link 

BTR-3DA armoured personnel carrier
 used by Ukraine's National Guard 

    BMP-2 armoured fighting vehicle  

BMP-1 armoured fighting vehicle 

BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle 

BMD-2 airborne infantry fighting vehicle.

This one was used by Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine. 

BTR-80 armoured personnel carrier

Also used by the Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine. 

BM-21 "Grad" multiple rocket  launcher 

Additional case of involvement of Russian forces in Ukraine. 

Zis-3 76 mm divisional/anti-tank  gun from the Second World War time 

Heavy tank T-10M 

BMD-1 airborne infantry fighting vehicle 

T-54 medium tank 

T-55 medium tank 

T-64 medium tank 

T-62 medium tank 

PT-76 amphibious tank 

2B9 Vasilek - 82 mm automatic mortar 

BM-14-17 rocket launcher system 

Exhibition for the military personnel who died during the Afganistan war 1979-1989. 

2S9 Nona - 120 mm airborne self-propelled gun 

BTR-60 and BRDM-2 vehicles 

2S1 Gvozdika - 122 mm self-propelled howitzer 

S-60 - 57 mm anti-aircraft gun 

Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter 

 30 mm automatic gun 

Rocket launchers  

Inside mode 

ZSU-23-4 Shilka - self-propelled anti-aircraft gun 

4 x 23 mm guns 

M-30 122 mm Howitzer 

D-30 122 mm Howitzer 

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